New Season of Great British Baking Show = New Bakes, New Challenges, New Episodes

Back in 2018, I questioned if Great British Baking Show would survive not only the change in cast but keeping the show fresh. I am happy to announce that Paul and Prue are back in a new season on Netflix. Sandy and Noel are MC-ing it all and 13 more bakers are in the tent. There is currently 6 episodes of the new season have been released for your viewing pleasure. I have the dates of the for the release of each episode marked on my calendar because I am at the edge of my seating waiting for each episode. I love it because the show is my little ray of sunshine on Fridays that offer some easy-going entertainment without the intensity of American competition shows.

Boudin: Come Get Your Sourdough

Stop and stare at deft hands as they pull the white dough in different directions. Breathe in slowly. Let the tantalizing smell play on your palette of the fresh baked breads slowly coming out of the oven. This is one of my favorite places to visit in San Francisco. The name of this spectacular bread shop is Boudin.