DIY Crayon Wall Art Two-Ways

Need a DIY project? Want to spruce up your walls? It can be easy to do with a hairdryer, a canvas, scissors, paper, and a box of Crayola crayons. Things you already may have or can pick up at your nearest Walmart. There are two different styles you can make crayon art for your walls….

Testing Recipe: Orange and Chocolate Challah

I love bread. It is the downfall for many of my attempts at getting more physically fit. However, I have rarely tried to make a sweet bread or shape bread into complex shapes such as a Challah bread. If you are unfamiliar with Challah, it is a sweet light eggy bread that many make during the holidays. However, I recently came across an Orange and Chocolate Challah recipe from Delish. It looked delicious. It looked pretty.  So, I decided to try to recreate this recipe with my amateur skills. 

It went like this……

Magic Trick to Flat Top Cakes!

It seems like no matter what I do, I always end up with domed cake tops. I often have to remove the domed tops before stacking cake layers when I am decorating. So how can one prevent the dreaded dome? After researching this question from several bakers, they all suggested a product called “Cake Strips”….

Devil Food Cake for the Books

I love trying new recipes. Especially, chocolate cake recipes. Yum! So to celebrate my birthday this year, I made a Devil Food Cake from King Arthur Flour cookbook, and … well you will just have to see for yourself. I loved this chocolate cake recipe because it was easy to put together. No strange ingredients….

HELP NEEDED: I need you!

The year has just started and I am so excited for the items on the horizon. You each have inspired me to continue and create. You have commented with sweet words, and added amazing comments to some awesome pieces. So this year, I wanted to open my writing to all of you.

No Dogs in Heaven?: Scenes from the Life of a Country Vet

We all know about the Untold Stories of the ER, where doctors are confronted by the strange and unusual. However, vets go through a very similar comedic time. They are often confront by the most lovable and not-so-loveable characteristic of animals and their owners. Robert T. Sharp is a veterinarian at Hillsboro Veterinary Hospital in…