Hi! My pseudonym is Rosie Greens. Just your everyday women in the world. I created Culture Adventurer as a blog to discover, connect, and explore. In other words, it is about all the things that intrigue me from tourist destinations to TV series that I would like to share it with you. I wanted to keep this blog broad in its coverage of the world so the discussions could be ever changing while build bridges between different interest groups. This became my mission because as I moved around the world or listen to the news, I noticed people focused on their differences and not open to healthy discussion. So here I am today! Now you are probably wondering a little more about me.

I grew up in the deep South of the United States, and spent a majority of my youth traveling the world. I speak Spanish as well as English, and trying to figure out what third language I want to pick up next. I love exploring and discovering new places. I also love how people tell their stories through food, art, and how they interact with the world. I am currently completing my undergraduate degree program at university in the United States. I am a dog mom to a little cavapoo named Belle, who joins me for most of my adventures.

My passion is in my photography, writing, and traveling. So follow my blog to see what I have been up to recently and what has peeked my interest. If there is any changes to the update schedule I will post a notice on my Instagram (@cultureadventurerblog). Also feel free to write your comments! I would love to hear from you. Now let’s don on your adventuring cap, and let’s discover, connect, and explore!