Hi! My pseudonym is Rosie Greens. Just your everyday women in the world. I originally created Culture Adventurer as a blog to discover, connect, and explore. In other words, it  was about all the things that intrigue me from tourist destinations to TV series that I would like to share it with you. I wanted to keep this blog broad in its coverage of the world so the discussions could be ever changing while build bridges between different interest groups. However, 2 years later and I discovered my passion for writing more than just informational pieces. Now this blog has become a place to not only share my discoveries but share my fun writing pieces to break up the usual articles on here.

I grew up in the deep South of the United States, and spent a majority of my youth traveling the world. I speak Spanish as well as English, and trying to figure out what third language I want to pick up next. I love exploring and discovering new places. I also love how people tell their stories through food, art, and how they interact with the world. I am currently completing my undergraduate degree program at an university in the United States. I am a dog mom to a little cavapoo named Belle, who joins me for most of my adventures.

My passion is in my photography, writing, and traveling. So follow my blog to see what I have been up to recently and what has peeked my interest. Follow me  on my Instagram to see even more content (@rosieg_writes). Also feel free to write your comments! I would love to hear from you. Now let’s don on your adventuring cap, and let’s discover, connect, and explore!