You Can Write Poetry Too!

Writing is a daily practice if one wants to improve. All writers say it and I can’t help but feel this true as I have adopt it. 3 journals full of writings later and I was looking for a way to spark creativity in my practice. Why? Well, I was having a writer’s block. I need something to help challenge and spark ideas. I was in my local Barnes and Noble picking up books for a class when I found a little gem on the book self. It was Write the Poem by Piccadilly.

It is a journal with over 300 + pages of prompts and word associations for writers to undertake and complete. Topics vary from the ocean to first love. Some are easier than others. Others are harder. Each page offers a new practice and challenge for a writer.

I have been practicing inside Write the Poem by Piccadilly daily since I bought it and I have not had writer’s block again. On Instagram (@rosieg_writes), you can see some of the poems that were created from these creative prompts. I love this prompt book and have think it has really helped in my daily creative writing practices. I would suggest this prompt book for any starting writer as it is a page a day (or more depending on your time). So why not gift Write the Poem to your writer friend or to yourself?

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