Testing Bao Buns from Little Fat Boy

I love a good bite of Bao. It has a soft chewy texture on the outside. The inside is moist and flavorful. It is the nice surprise on the inside. However, I have never attempted to make one. None of my recipe books or anyone I know makes them. I always bought the pre-made pack in the freezer section to satisfy my craving.

Then, I came across the Bao Buns recipe from the Little Fat Boy that was featured on King Arthur Baking Company’s page. I thought why not give it a try. I always think the homemade is better than the frozen. So here is how it went…..

Bao Bun Bite

I was surprised that the recipe took most of the day to make. There was a lot of resting in between different steps. When you actually did an action item, it was quick. I wouldn’t call it easy as the folding took more than a few tries to get it right even when following the video. You can see my attempt below.

I was also surprised by how mild the flavor of the filling was. It wasn’t bad, but definitely different than what I normally get. I would even bump up the flavors on the filling to be more intense next time.

So would I make this recipe again? Maybe when I am at home on a staycation. If I am in a rush, I think I will stick to the freezer pre-made ones. Let me what you think of Bao Buns recipe from the Little Fat Boy.

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