DIY Crayon Wall Art Two-Ways

Need a DIY project? Want to spruce up your walls? It can be easy to do with a hairdryer, a canvas, scissors, paper, and a box of Crayola crayons. Things you already may have or can pick up at your nearest Walmart. There are two different styles you can make crayon art for your walls.

Style 1: Drip Crayon Art

You know the trendy cake drip trend? Well I converted it to my canvas. Here is how I did it.

To prep for painting:

Collect supplies. Pick the colors of crayons that you want to use. Select figurine that you want to draw under the rainbow drip. I personally selected dancer. Paint the figure of your choice in black acrylic paint and let dry before getting to the messy stuff.

Now for the Crayola part:

I first propped my canvas up right against a tall container to have gravity help with the drip effect. I then wrapped myself in an apron and covered the any surface nearby with a shower curtain. Crayon melting art can be messy so best to cover and prepare.  I covered the figure with scrap paper to prevent the Crayola from distorting the figure. Then the melting can begin, I suspended the crayon above the canvas at the top then heated the crayon with the hair dryer until it starts to drip. When I have decent amount of drip then move onto the next color of crayon to melt next to the previous melted crayon. I keep repeating until you have the satisfactory drip you want. Remove the scrap paper covering the figurine and TADA! You have completed your very own masterpiece.

Style 2: Avoid the Void!

This canvas art requires a bit more patience and skill level. The idea is to create a void in the melting crayon that resembles an object or shape.

To prep for the painting:

Collect your supplies plus some card board. You need to pick the shape/object that is to remain blank. I picked a lyre, because it was a gift for a sorority friend of mine. Next is to print and cut out the object in cardboard. The thicker cutout will help prevent way ward drips into the void you are trying to create. Pick your colors of crayons to use and you are on your way to making something.

Now for the Crayola part:

Keep your canvas flat on a covered surface. Grab an apron to prevent getting mess on your clothes. Break your crayons in half for more controlled melting. Lay Crayola along the edge of your cutout. Melt Crayola with hairdryer and switch colors when needed. Keep going until you have finished going around the shape! Let the crayon dry then remove the cutout. Then your masterpiece is complete!

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