Best Leftovers Ever!: Reimagining What Is In Your Fridge

What is that tucked away in the back of your fridge? Is it last night’s take out. Do you just heat it up or eat cold? Unapplying There might be just a new meal that you can make from it. Don’t believe me? That is ok. These cooks on Best Leftovers Ever! on Netflix will show you how. These cooks are competing through 2 rounds of a reimagined left overs into new dishes for $10,000 prize. Your mind will be blown. The dishes look colorful and tasty. It is the perfect light watching that is amazing. The host is also super funny by calling her fridge out with goofy puns. The judges also offer useful tips for your own leftover makeovers. So, why not watch this new cooking show? The title says it all, Best Leftovers Ever.

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