Korean Street Eats: Snacks and Meals from Korea

A little gem in a strip tucked beside a busy road. A cute shop that sells bites from Korea. They have foods that are authentic and tasty. It is called Korean Street Eats. The menu is full of iconic sandwiches, rice bowls like kimchi fried rice, kimbap, fried street bites, and so much more. I tried the Tteokbokki and Bulgogi Kimbap.

I found the Tteokbokki to be the quirky Korean bite that maybe not everyones taste. When I had Tteokbokki previously it was just the rice cakes and sauce, but here it served with fish cakes and egg. Fish cakes I tend to find a like or hate ingredient. It is fishy and salty taste with a chewy texture. For me, I am not huge fan of it so I ate everything but the fish cake.

I did eat all the Bulgogi Kimbap. It had a variety of flavors and textures. It was as good as a good piece of sushi. It filled you up. It had meat and veggies. It had tangy elements and sweet. My friend even tried to steal a bite. (I didn’t let her. Sorry. Not sorry.)

If you are in Dallas, Texas, you should definitely stop in this local place to eat great Korean bites. Just remember Korean Street Eats.

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