Mini Cranberry Cheesecake Testing: The Endless Meal

The holidays may be over, but my freezer is still stuffed with holiday ingredients. I especially have a ton of cranberries. It still feels like winter outside so why not create winter/holiday treats. I browsed the internet for a sweet bite that used the ingredients I have. I came across a fun recipe for Cranberry and White Chocolate Mini-Cheesecakes by The Endless Meal. It looked like a tasty and easy recipe, so I was down for giving it a try. Just look at how they came out below!

Cranberry Cheesecake

This recipe was a big it with the family. They ate all the tiny jars and looked for more in the fridge. Though, my family didn’t complain. I still have a few adjustments I would make.

The crumb crust was a miss. It was not as tasty as other crust recipes I have tried and became wet from the jam. This is a common problem I have found in mason jar cheesecake recipes. I actually found it easier to remove the crust and top the cheesecakes in the mason jar with the crumb.

The jam was very good and perfect flavor bomb. The cheesecake batter was a bit of a let down in comparison. The cheesecake batter was not very white chocolate flavored in my opinion. This could be due to white chocolate being a delicate flavor. I could have easily mixed small chips of white chocolate to amp up the flavor.

I still would make this recipe again and again while my cranberries last for sure (with my few adjustments of course). Why not you give it a try and have a delicious winter bite?

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