The Prom: Musical of High School Life

The Prom was recently released onto Netflix. It was originally a broadway musical that was adapted to the screen. It tells the story of a high school girl that finds herself in a fight to bring her girlfriend to the prom.

The parents of her high school try to do everything to stop her. They cancel prom. The entire community bullies the girl. It looks like her high school life is over. Then, a rag tag group of Broadway actors descend onto the town to bring Prom back on track and have our star high schooler bring her date to the prom. Let’s say that it is just a turbulent journey. It is full of the high school drama that you sometimes rather forget, but is entertaining. Identity is a big issue for the kids in the film. Real issues of LGBTQ + community are openly discussed. Prom seems like the end all be all that I remember it being in high school.

I cried. I laughed. I sang along with many of the songs. At the end of the movie, I easily gave it two thumbs up. I think anyone can watch this movie and fall in love with it. Why not watch a musical based on our high school drama and real life issues?

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