Kurobuta: Bite from Korea

I love supporting local businesses as they help the economy. I recently came across this cute restaurant in my area owned by a local family that served up amazing ramen and comfort Asian food. This treasure was called Kurobuta and located in Carrollton, Texas. You can tell that you have arrived at the restaurant by the Japanese style awning if you have never been here before.

They have reopened and have implemented many procedures to keep customers as well as workers safe. They use social distancing as much as possible. The waiters even check your temperature and have you sanitize upon entry. I felt really safe dining here, and give them two thumbs up for safety.

I tried the Katsu Don. A rice bowl dish topped with small omelet with grilled onions before fishing off with a Katsu. In Asia, a popular dish to have is a ‘katsu’ or flattened and fried dish served with various sides. It can be either pork or chicken. This one was pork. I loved the fried crunchy texture that was not overly oily. The egg and onion added a sweet bite that was also savory. The rice just helped the dish be more rounded and filling. In all, it was a perfect representation of Asian comfort food that is flavorful and texturally complex.

My friend went with the Tonkotsu Ramen. She found the dish to be filling and flavorful. It was not overly salty, which can happen. The toppings were the perfect bite to the chewy noodles. She claims that she would order this dish again easily.

Kurobuta is the perfect stop for a Asian comfort food fix. A local business with amazing filling food. I may even stop in there again soon.

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