The Language of Tarot: Guide to Reading the Cards

I uncovered another great reference book while researching for my next writing project. If you are not familiar with this research I have been doing for a possible upcoming fiction project, I have been researching tarot as a means of communication with the divine as some believe it to be. So therefore, I want to share resources that I found helpful for the curious or other writers need helping.

The Language of Tarot was written by a practicing tarot reader, Jeannie Reed, that broke down the meanings behind the cards based on a variety of questions that are possibly asked. Jeannie even spends time going over the good rituals to have in place, and what makes a bad tarot reader. I, however, enjoy her personal commentary on how she personally reads the cards and some of the clients she has encountered along the way. It breaks up the dry content of card meanings and spread interpretations. So if you want to discover or learn more about the world of tarot, The Language of Tarot, Guide to the Cards: Tarot for Beginners, or even Gem Goddess: A Message From Beyond are great places to start.

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