Taskmaster: British Celebrity Game Show

Laughter makes your day better. However, the it seems like there is no new funny programs on Tv. So, I went out to find a new show that was funny to watch. I searched the web and came across a little gem.

If you need a laugh while in lockdown, I recommend a British television program called Taskmaster. Celebrities join the Taskmaster Greg to compete and win points based on the completion of these tasks. They collective bringing prizes to each episode to be a part of the jackpot based on the tagline set by the show. This can range from serious prizes to the ridiculous. Ever heard of a goat head belt? That was a prize someone brought to the jackpot and it was crazy. After awarding points based on prizes presented, celebrities have to complete various challenges at the Taskmaster house with specific rules in place. They may have to complete difficult task, or solve a riddle while trying to be faster or better than their other competitors. It reminds of Minute to Win It, but funnier.

Unfortunately, I have not found this show on a local channel. I however have been able to binge the show via Youtube. You will laugh. Learn some British lingo and see celebrities be silly.

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