Le Bon Temps: New Orleans Treat in Dallas

New Orleans has some of the best food in the country, but not all treats can be remade outside the city. They are only good in NOLA. (It must be something in the water.) As mother’s side of the family is Cajun, I can attest to this as I grew up on it. One of the treats has recently been taken off the only can find good ones in New Orleans list. Which treat? It is Beignets.

Beignets are puffy fried doughnuts that are light and covered in powdered sugar. If you don’t make a mess while eating it, then it doesn’t have enough sugar. However, Beignets elsewhere are never as fluffy as the ones I had in Nola. Then, I came across this little whole in the wall beignet and coffee shop in Deep Ellum. You know when you are at the shop by the smell of sugar in the air. Also, you can look for the sign, Le Bon Temps. It is a cute little tiny order window with a colorful outdoor tables. I got an order of the classic, because nothing is better than a classic beignet. Though, I was intrigued by the special beignet that they have themed for the month. For December, it is beignets that are shaped like various items such as stockings, gingerbread men, snowflakes, and so on before being doused in a flavored syrup. (Maybe next time.)

So, now onto the important bit. What was the first bite of the classic like? It was heaven. The beignets came right from the fryer as I could feel the heat from the bottom of the tray. The air pockets in the dough were large and stayed even after biting down. Just look at the pocket picture below!

The powdered sugar was liberally sprinkled so you had enough to add the sweetness to the treat and add sugar to the inside after taking a bite. It was as good as the beignets I had in NOLA. My Cajun mother even gave her thumbs up on the perfection of the beignets. So if in Dallas and craving a Cajun speciality, why not grab a tray of beignets for yourself at Le Bon Temps.

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