Jackson Wang: Music Spotlight

Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong born rapper plus singer that is a part of a Korean group, Got7. I first was introduce to his work through the appearance on television program, Roommate. He amazed me with his talent and personality. He showed humility, positivity, determination, and many other admirable characteristics. Jackson quickly became my favorite person to watch on Roommate. I continue to follow his career and music when Roommate finished, because I was an officially full fledged fan.

I am sharing his music with you, because I have been listening to it nonstop. His latest music is powerful and amazing. The stuff he has produced on his own and with Got7 is my pump up music while working out. They even had new music videos just released. I have loved it so much that I made this playlist to highlight Jackson Wang’s work.

  1. Pretty Please – Jackson Wang & Galantis
  2. 100 Ways – Jackson Wang
  3. Bullet To The Heart – Jackson Wang
  4. Papillon – Jackson Wang
  5. Dawn of Us – Jackson Wang
  6. Last Piece – Got7
  7. Just Right – Got7
  8. If You Do – Got7
  9. Faded – Jackson Wang
  10. Different Game – Jackson Wang ft. Gucci Mane

If you need another reason to follow Jackson Wang then check out his social media, it will make you smile and like him even more.

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