Guide to the Cards: Tarot for Beginners

Recently, I have been researching a story idea that had me looking into tarot. Tarot is a deck of cards that some are able to ascertain what the messages are hidden behind them. It intrigued me at how the people were able to pull messages from the images on the cards. The deck is filled with beautiful artwork no doubt, but what leads one card to symbolize one thing over another is unknown to me. I talked with other friends, but they also were unknowing. It seems odd that not many know how tarot works when it is a common medium for those connected to the spiritually in a nontraditional way. That is where this little gem comes in.

Tarot for Beginners is a book for the newbies and unknowings to learn about tarot. The book spends a long time explain the meanings behind each card. It takes time explain the difference between card appearance depending on the deck you use. It even talks about how to practice the art of reading tarot cards if you become interested in picking up the art after learning more. It was very informative and even include accounts of the authors own reading experiences, which made her teachings more authentic. In a crazy year, a reassurance from the spirit world from tarot card might be nice. It has been a shitty year, who could not use a little guidance from beyond.

I love learning about the unknown plus I will take positivity from anywhere during the crazy times even if it comes from cards I don’t understand that well. Also, it makes great material for my next writing project. Life is boring in the ordinary, but it is fun to try to understand the unknown.

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