Revisiting Pastry Love

Strawberries are the favorite berry of my dear friend. We will call him B. His poor birthday is in the middle of winter so not often he gets a cake that has his favorite berry. I wanted to give him a homemade present that was a strawberry cake for his birthday. I flipped through my cookbooks to find the perfect recipes. I found that recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks named Pastry Love. It had a recipe for light fluffy Chiffon cake and strawberries with cream.

The warning at the start of the recipe may scare you, but I had good success with this recipe. It was easy to follow and gave you enjoy idea on how to stage the baking. I was surprised how fancy the end product ended up looking like. Just look at my creation! I was just sad that the cut strawberries leaked a touch and started attacking the cream after a hour. The delivery wasn’t for another 2 hours, so I was on leak watch. I had to dab the leaking juice with a paper towel to stop it from getting everywhere. Despite all that, I am still really happy with my creation. Just look at the photo!

Strawberry Cake

The recipes in Pastry Love are amazing and will not fail you. They haven’t failed me this time or last time.

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