Flavorful Origins: Exploring Cuisine From Your Couch

With travel on pause across the world, I have decided to try to explore the world via my comfy couch. I decided to watch different documentary series. Recently, it has been all about the food in the documentaries I have been watching. I love unique foods that come into our lives through various means. It is fun to question how did we start eating that weird shaped fruit, and who figured out how to grow it.

I really got into Flavorful Origins on Netflix. It is a documentary series that analyze key cuisine features for various regions of China. These regions are from the coastal areas to the mountain ranges. Each region is a focal point of a specific season. One episode within the region takes a focus on the production of a specific unique food feature such as mutton, and salted flour. Then, looks at how the people use the product in their dishes, and who is making the food. You will find yourself inside homes, farms, kitchens, city streets, and cabins in the hills learning about such unique cuisine. It will break any notions of stereotypical Chinese cuisine you may have, and celebrate the diversity of life inside China.

I also love the quick little episodes as they are about 20 minutes long. They keep you entertained without feeling impatient. It is beautifully put together. It may even get you to reconsider the things you can make food out of, and hungry to try something new. So why not discover and explore from the couch by watching Flavorful Origins on Netflix?

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