The Pack: Adventure with Man’s Best Friend

The Pack was recently released with it’s first season onto Amazon Prime, and I watched the entire season. If you are unfamiliar with The Pack, it is a travel competition show, but instead of teams of people, it is a team of dogs and humans. So, think of the Amazing Race crossed with Animal Planet. (These are American references. If anyone can think of other references please let me know.) The teams come from all across the United States and have trained together to travel the world together. Challenges will be spread out across the country and dogs will have to help give their human partners a hand in competing.

It was amazing from episode one to the final. The dogs make you laugh and create an atmosphere of friendly competition. Dogs will decided to do something different than what is asked. Owners will have to go with it, and try to keep up with their friend. It is not the intense in your face competition of other shows, but supportive to everyone. It is not all predictive patterns in the show. There are twist and turns. Someone in last place can become first place. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be touched.

Grab your cuddle partner/ dog to curl up with on the couch. You could always borrow one or imagine one. Click play and travel with The Pack during this latest phase of lockdown.

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