Sex with Emily: Sex-Ed Just Improved

Talking about sex is somewhat of a taboo subject in society. It is so not a main stream conversation that we may not even talk about with our friends. Even if it is to figure out how to get better pleasure in our sex life. So let me introduce you to Sex with Emily.

Emily is a doctor of sex. She has learned about what makes good sex, healthy sex, and fun sex through scholarly research. Then taking all this knowledge that she has learned, she created a podcast series, Sex with Emily. In her podcast, she educates and acts as a sounding board to her listeners about our sex lives. She talks about how to bring sexual toys into the bedroom in a way that doesn’t intimidate our partner. She even discusses possible BioHacks in sex. It is so eye opening. It also reveals how much insecurities people have around sex as well as how much we don’t know. I don’t want to reveal too much, because I love how Emily discusses everything with openness that is unrivaled. So, get up. Close the door. Revel in the sexuality and knowledge you are gaining with Sex with Emily.

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