The Sun and Her Flowers: Feminine Poetry

I read the second collection of poetry written by Rupi Kaur after feverishly finishing her first collection. It is a collection published under the title, The Sun and Her Flowers. Her style remains as distinctive as her first collection. She combines artistry of language with a bluntness of wisdom from life. Her line artwork even adds to the artistry within the pages. It is her special signature on top of her strong voice. However, I feel like this second collection truly celebrate feminine energy. What do I mean by feminine energy? I mean the experiences and thoughts of those that identify as women. She revels in womanhood, and the challenges we as women face. Nothing is untouched. Sex and beauty are discussed. Motherhood and loves also find home within her pages. There is some poetry that discusses heartbreak and love, but her feminine pieces are her strongest piece. If you need something to encourage your inner boss babe or love poetry, then grab a copy of The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur.

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