Delicious Gifts: Red Pepper Chutney

I am the type of gift giver that tries to give personal gifts to friends and loved ones.  This is usually in the form of tasty treats like cookies or jam (see my family recipe here). However, some people do not like sweets. I also get tired of making the same recipes over and over again.

I recently checked out Delicious Gifts by Jess McCloskey. It is a book filled with recipes for edible gifts that any amateur chef can complete. I liked that the recipes were both sweet and savory within the book. I tried a recipe from the savory section of the book. The recipe was called Red Pepper Chutney.

I personally liked this recipe, because of the peppery notes it promised. It was super easy to make with a stove top and food processor. You didn’t even have to remove the burned skin after grilling if you didn’t want to, which I left on. When I finished the recipes, we had filled about 6 small bar-jars. This gift pairs well with meat, cheese, and crackers. I gave a jar to a friend and she gave me the thumbs up on her approval. So this year, I may add jars of red pepper chutney to my Christmas gifts.

If you need to change up your gift giving or tasty treats, you may want to check out  Delicious Gifts by Jess McCloskey. You can find new ideas and more with just a page flip.

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