Elements of Style: Grammar Handbook

Elements of Style was a book recommend by writer’s group as many writers in our group are getting close to finish their manuscript, and would need to start editing them. You can insert the sounds of groans here. It is a difficult thing to do, which is why this book was brought up. I checked it out from the local library out f curiosity and was surprised for many reasons.

Grammar was the one part of my English class that drive me crazy in school. There was too many rules to remember, and too many exceptions to the rules. However, Elements of Style condense everything into a neat handbook that barely weighs anything.

Each chapter contains bolded rules with examples and explanation in normal text below. It makes the understanding easy for any adult to understand. Though, I wouldn’t give this to the middle schooler that I tutor. She is still writing informal essays and working on getting to longer essays than one page. It has advance language that she would struggle with understanding, but will work for my high school student that is getting ready to enter college soon. It will be perfect for his need to write more formal papers in college plus he would be able to understand the language in the book.

I think this book should be on every book shelf to help people self edit. It maybe be a book recommended by my writing group, but I can see everyone using it. So why not buy Elements of Style to add to your bookshelf and improve your English?

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