Aimless Love: Poetry for the Love of Poetry

Poetry is a love affair with literature. It is a game between language and imagery. Aimless Love by Billy Collins is a collection of poetry that is from a different moments of his writing. It is a hefty book with tons of poetry. Some poems are fewer than 10 lines and some are more than 1 page. My favorite work within this collection has to be The Deep. It is this amazing piece about oceans, maps, exploration, and imagination.

If you aren’t in love with poetry, then this collection isn’t for you. The poetry in this collection is complex. There is references to other literary bodies of work. The vocabulary and story being told are often not able to be discovered upon first read through. The majesty isn’t really discovered until the third or fourth read through.

So if you are a reader of poetry, grab Aimless Love and discover modern poetry.

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