Travels with My Father: Comedy and Travel

Need a pick me up? How about a laugh? How about a show that is relatable and dysfunctional examples of family? Then, I might suggest the Netflix series, Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father.

The show is based on father and son duo that travel the world on wild adventures. However, these two could not be more different. The son loves roughing it and anything he deems ‘kitch’. (Apparently, it is a British word for cool) The father is more formal and loves his comforts. They both take turns tormenting each other and giving the audience stitches from laughter from their dysfunctional antics. However as the world becomes their oyster, the train comes off the tract and the laughs keep rolling in. Though it is not just pure comedy.

There are moments of serious notes. They explore many places with some massive history such as a mass grave sites and relics of previous wars. It is truly a fun show that leaves you feeling good and semi-educated over the countries explored.

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