Dragula: Celebrating LGBTQ+

I am sure that many are aware of drag queens through programs like RuPaul’s Drag Race. However, another drag show has truly proven to contain almost every walk of life found under the LGBTQ+ banner. This show is Dragula, which can be found on Netflix. It is about celebrating the more unusual and extreme drag through grueling competition that are often the things of nightmare. At the end of the series, they crown one drag winner.

Now, I love the drag fashion that they try to display as it is often funny, amazing, and powerful. I am not crazy about some of the challenges as they are the often items of my nightmares. I have watched the previous seasons and I was not a major fan as it seemed full of cat fights instead of celebrating drag. I moved away from the show and never watched another episode again. Then, the third season dropped and I decided to give it a whirl once again. My world was rocked. I was amazed by the entire season and applauded during the final. They had amazing artistry displayed within the show, but more importantly the cast had diversity. There was drag queens, kings, and some of the in-between. It was a true embrace of the LGBTQ+. You have to understand that this is new. No other drag competition has included all forms of drag into one competition. Therefore, I want to celebrate Dragula for being the first and opening the door for other shows to reframe themselves to include diversity. However, I truly believe that the diversity in the cast helped transform a mediocre show to a potential hit. The diversity gave the artist many forms of inspiration and even different approaches to the challenges.

Dragula has thrown the gauntlet and now it is time to see who rises to the challenge.

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