The Rain in Portugal: An American Poetry Collection

The Rain in Portugal is composed by American poet Billy Collins. In this collection, he takes readers through a series of thoughts he has over life and the lives that have passed through it. He has whimsical poems imagine historical figures in the present times. He, of course, has the more serious poems. Poems with deep hidden messages that speak to our souls. The collection also includes little notation about life in the modern world. Each poem is a mastery of imagery and language to communicate with the reader. It is almost like listening to music. Your ears and eyes will be assaulted by the artistry. You will plan to read a few pages and end up reading the entire collection before you know it.

One of my favorites that show his true talent is Species. It is such seemingly simple poem with images of everyday life. It plays out like a movie in your head until the hidden meaning or story is revealed. It is a satisfying light bulb moment that brings a smile onto your face. So why not sit back this weekend and read The Rain in Portugal by Billy Collins?

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