The Complete Guide to Novel Writing: Improve Your Writing

I have found another treasure for those completing their NaNoWriMo: Writing Your Story! challenge or want help improving their writing . It is called The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing by Writer’s Digest. It is a bulky book that can intimidate, but if you get past the size. It is an uncut gem to improving your writing skill.

Each chapter and section is compiled by a variety of authors along with quotes. Each section offers advice about how to create stories, character creation, world building, and so much more. There was chapters covering specific genres like mystery, and horror. Genres that for beginner writers are hard to write and be successful at. Each section is clearly written and the advice is easily applicable. However, there were several things I was disappointed by. As much as I loved the different voices present, it can come across as disjointed. I also felt like some of the topics were repeated by authors and were not necessary unique in their advice.

Despite the faults in the book, the advice is everything a beginner needs. It help you slay your writing dragons and conquer your writing fears.

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