The Everything Guide: Writing Your First Novel

One of my goals for the year has been to improve my writing. It may seem like a lofty goal, but there are thousands of books about writing in general. One of my favorite books that I have used in helping improve my writing is the Everything Guide to Writing Your First Novel.

I think the best advice is how to format your writing presented within the book. It explains different plot structures that authors can use to write their ideas into a full story. It also offers ideas on character creation, which is an important element to story telling. Each aspect of writing is written with details and simple language for anyone to understand. The guide is easy to use and laid out in a logical manner for the beginners.

I like that the book also dedicates a section on what to do next once you have finished writing your drafts. It answers how to publish, who to publish with, and how to market your story. It really takes you from start to finish when it comes to the writing process.

I have used the techniques in my writing for English/Literature classes, and got higher grades for it. I have used the techniques in my writing here. I truly believe it can be used to help improve writing by just absorbing the materials here. You can even use it to help finish your NaNoWriMo challenge!

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