Guide to Conservation : Thanks Jane Goodall!

I recently got a subscription to the amazing classes on the Masterclass service, and immediately started Jane Goodall’s class on conservation. She was powerful and passionate. Her words impacted your heart and your mind. However, it was more than just her words that got to me. She offered so many resources and insights into how to help conservations efforts no matter where you are. In a city or in the jungles, there is something everybody can do to help the environment. Pandemic or no pandemic. She made it easy, and I am going to make it easy for you too. I am going to share with you the resources she shared with me.

Find an organization that support animal rights, fundraise for animal charities, or volunteer:

Calculate your carbon footprint and water use in order to find ways to minimize them:

Look at your garden. Find ways to support bees and native species:

Support organizations that have been making an impact in both big and small ways:

  • Roots & Shoots: Youth organization sponsored by Jane Goodall to start local conservation projects and leadership in communities
  • Rodale Institute: Found the education of responsible farming and promote social responsibility
  • List of Food Justice Organizations: Support organic and nondestructive agricultural practices on local or national levels

Out of all these options, you can pick one that works best for you or you are passionate about. I am going to start by support my local humane society that helps abused and abandoned animals. I have helped on and off for years, but now I am going to make a conscience decision to help. I will be more active in sharing adoptable animals, support adoption events, and collet funds or donation items. This is my first step toward a greener society. All these items can be your first step into a new future that we all can profit from. It doesn’t take much. Just some guidance from resources and a determination to do so. I am doing this. You can too!

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