Ghost Cupcakes: Boo-licious!

Corona Virus may have put a damper on Halloween plans this year. I am surely going to miss the trick or treaters this year. However, I am finding others ways to celebrate Halloween in a spooky way. My family has put up Halloween decoration early for people to see on their walks and drives. We have painted pumpkins like we did before. Then, I started looking to add some spooky accents to our desserts.

I came across these cute vegan ghost cupcakes on Pinterest. I was in love with the simple cartoon cute decorations. I am not the biggest vegan baked goods fan, so I didn’t use the blogger’s recipe. I decided to use my own recipes to recreate my homage to the cute ghost cupcakes that caught my attention. I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe, which I turned into cupcakes. Then, I used my favorite cream cheese frosting recipe for the frosting body of the ghost. I took store bought candy eye balls to make the eyes of the ghost. I had to carefully press into the frosting with the tips of my fingers as to not crush the body of the frosting. I also tempered chocolate to make the open mouth of the ghost by pipping the shape onto baking paper. It takes about 10 minutes to fully set up then gently press the the shape into the body of the frosting. I set them in the fridge to keep cool before serving for dessert. Then viola!

Ghost Cupcakes

All said and done, it was perfect way to bring some cute spooks into family dinner. The ghost were the perfect way to bring some Halloween into our home during this period of COVID.

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