Doughnut Muffin: Breakfast Innovation

Breakfast meals at my house needed a revamp. Not the same classics over and over again so we decided to try out this breakfast innovation from King Arthur Baking Company called Doughnut Muffin. It is kind of like a muffin. It is kind of like a cinnamon cake doughnut. It is the sweet treat creation that I did not know that my breakfast needed.

There are simple reasons to love this innovate recipe other than the sweet taste. It was super easy to put together. No special equipment or techniques required. It is also semi-portable since it is all contained in a wrapper though sugar does fall off with every touch on the outside. The best part is that my family ate them with gusto. There was not one wasted or left over. Just look at them below!

Doughnut Muffins

However, the only adjustment that I would make for next time is adding the cinnamon on top to some of the batter or swirling some of the sugar spice mixture through the batter. When you finished the top of the muffin with all the sugar mixture, the muffin turned bland since all the intense flavor came from the topping. That was the only down fall of the recipe.

So why not give this recipe a try or try your own breakfast innovation?

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