Tales from Digital Deliria: Invasion of Technology

I am very thankful for the introduction to my local writing group for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons that I got introduced to the blog, Tales from Digital Deliria. Carisa H-K walks readers through what it is like to have lived during the dawn of technological innovation and the amazing technology that has yet to come. You, the reader, just have to pick the time frame you want to dive into.

If one picks the past, the reader will enjoy her flashbacks into the past that offer insight and perspective into an amazing period of time that she lived through. If one picks the present, the reader will enjoy commentary about society and life in terms of technology today. If one picks the future, the reader can look into Carisa’s glass ball to see her vision of what is next. Sci-fi buffs will love her predictions of tomorrow’s technology and possible “utopian” society. This blog is great for those interested in reading about history, technology, science, and lifestyle. There is an article for just about everyone on Tales from Digital Deliria.

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