Forensic Files: Mystery Solved

October makes me think of mysteries and detective tales. Maybe it is the approach of Halloween that brings it out. So to embrace the mystery and detective tales that come with the season, I have been binging Forensic Files Collection on Netflix.

If you aren’t familiar with Forensic Files, the basics of the show is simple. Each episode presents a case where forensic science helped solve the mystery of what happened. There are a ton of episodes that range from medical to cold murder cases so you won’t get bored. The science is revolutionary and I can’t believe how some of it has come about or has been used. Or maybe I am impressed because I am a lover for anything nerdy like science.   They have caught villains like toxic mold and a Nazi supporter in hiding with the power of forensic science.

The Nazi episode is probably my favorite because it was one of the most intricate cases covered in the series. So why not start the season of spooks and thrills with Forensic Files Collection on Netflix?

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