Elements of Fiction: Little Book of Tips and Advice

I have become a researcher in writing advice recently it feels like. I started this journey of researching different writing advice and improvement on the practice of writing by joining a local writer’s group. Each meeting, everyone brings the different pieces of tips and advice they have found that helpful. I have thought about taking up a fiction writing project inspired by one of the members completing these amazing flash fiction pieces for competition. I typically focus on improving my writing for this blog, but thought a new challenge might be fun. With that in mind, I needed to research the fiction writing process, but since my time has been limited due to crazy schedules the advice needed to be concise and short.

Hence, I recently checked out Elements of Fiction by Walter Mosley from my local library. I loved the short little book of concise advice. It was good advice in a quick read. Mosley uses his writing voice to reassure writers for fiction writers there is not much too different than regular writing. You still have to think of voice, language, and idea. However, the biggest difference that you will encounter is that the reader is now an investor in creating your story. There are very specific ways to engage the reader in fiction as Mosley describes or even some innovative ways that are less common. I loved the simplicity of his advice and how he explains the purpose of each one in building this fiction with the reader.

I liked it so much that I might even recommend it at the next writing group meeting for other perspective fiction writers.

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