Pork Floss Cookies: Savory Sweet Bites

Sometimes, I love a different take on the afternoon snack. Sometimes, I want sweet. Sometimes, I want salty. You never know what you could be craving, but what if there was one little Chinese inspired cookie that could be the salty and sweet bite you need in the afternoon? I came across this interesting recipe on Bake for Happy Kids called Melt-in-your-mouth Pork Floss Chinese Cookies. It is a one of a kind recipe that I just had to try.

If you are unfamiliar with pork floss, then this can be a very foreign ingredient. It is found in countries like Malaysia. Pork Floss is salty dehydrated pork that is pulled apart until it gets a flossy consistency. It is used as a salty and savory condiment on sandwiches and noodles. It is super yummy if you have ever tried it. It can be addictive to eat is the only problem. I never had it in a cookie format though. So, I was very intrigued to try a cookie that had this condiment as a key ingredient. I went on a hunt to find it, and was able to find a container of this goodness at my local Asian market. If you have an asian market in your area, ask them and they can probably show you where they stock it. Other than that, the ingredients should all be familiar to the average baker such as flour, corn starch, and etc.

After collecting all the ingredients, I got started in the cookie making process. I found the whole cookie making process super easy and quick. I had them in and out of the oven in no time. You did not need any special techniques nor equipment to achieve the ideal cookie, which made me like the recipe even more. So how did it turn out? Why not take a look below!

Freshly made Pork Floss Cookies

It was a wonderful sweet and salty bite that lended more to the savory side. The sesame seeds added just the right touch of texture so the cookie did not completely disappear in your mouth. It is an unique flavor that I appreciate as other cookies do not have such subtle flavors. It reminded of the subtle flavors in many Chinese snacks that I have found overseas. Though, not everyone in my house was a fan of such unique flavors. It can be foreign and unappealing if the flavors are not what you expect. However if you are willing to be open and adventurous, you might just find a new afternoon treat to add to your recipe box. I am definitely filing this one away as a recipe to redo.

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