Chef’s Table BBQ: Tales from the Pit Masters

Chef’s Table
is one of my favorite documentary series on Netflix. It gets to the core of the chefs behind some of the top restaurants around the world. The documentary series created a new spin off focusing on BBQ around the world. BBQ looks different in different parts of the world, but there is a common feature of fire. The people who master this type of cooking are often given the title of Pit-Master instead of Chef as they have a skill set that a Chef can’t match. Pit-Masters have an understanding of fire and food. Fire can burn wildly out of control if one is not careful. Then again, it has just as much chance of sizzling out as well. It is a labor of love to work over hot flames and embers in order to extract the ingredient’s flavors. Nothing can compare to the art of BBQ, which has been a piece of human history since the beginning of time.

Chef’s Table BBQ gives audiences an inside peek into the lives of several pit-masters and how they became masters we know them as. We see the grueling work. We hear their voices over the crackle of the wood burning as they tell their tales. We get to observe their passion as a mere spectator of the arts. Then, like a performance on the stage, we find ourselves pulled closer to our screen trying to smell and taste the beautiful creations. You can’t help but wonder if it was magic that helped put the masterpieces before you, because you just want to drool in want. However in the background of all this, you get to watch people huddled together and enjoying food as it is meant to be. Maybe that is the true celebration of the documentary series? It is more than just the tales from the Pit-Masters.

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