Now Write!: Collection of Tips and Tricks from Fiction Writers

As you are aware, I recently joined a local writing group in order to help improve my writing in general and as a blogger. No one in the group is an expert writer, which makes it all the more perfect. We research all the different components of writing such as language, POV, and character development. We read books by authors on writing, watch interviews with helpful tidbits, and so much more. However, it is overwhelming the amount of information out there. It seems like every author and their editor has comments and tips about the writing process. If only someone could organize all the information by splitting the information by writing style and writing techniques.


Let me introduce you to Now Write! by Laurie Lamson. She compiled multiple tips and techniques offered by a variety of fiction writers into a comprehensive book that covers the writing process from A to Z. Even though this book is geared toward fiction writers, I believe it has advice within it for all writers. For example, some of the best tips came from writing practices offered within the Ideas and Inspiration section of the book. I recorded over ten pages of notes from this book in my little notebook that I practice with, and find myself flipping back to them often when I am stuck or unsure. It is a hefty book with a hefty amount of tips for writers. If you are into fiction writing or just want to improve your writing, why not pick up Now Write! and seek guidance from a handful of experts. You might just be what your writing needs. It was one of the solutions for me.

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