So Yummy’s Dumpling Folding: Easy or Hard?

How many of you have watched the So Yummy food videos? They are cute little video that show the recipes and methods as being easy to make or do. I really liked the one that showed all these fancy ways to fold dumplings. They made dumplings shaped like flowers and shells. Just look at them here! These methods of folding were far fancier than the traditional crimping that I used when making homemade dumplings. So one weekend when I had a bit of time and a craving for dumplings, I decided to try to fold the dough in these new ways. Then, how did it go?


It wasn’t a complete failure nor success as you can see from the photo. I could make the Dahlia flower shape and that was it in terms of new shapes. The wrapper became brittle on the edges, and I had more wrapper than in the video. Many of them broke and were torn when cooking. Though I did not use the dumpling dough recipe from So Yummy, I used the dumpling wrappers that I usually did, which I buy from the store. It requires wetting of the edges with a finger tip in order to seal, but is effective for those who don’t have time. I think to make the folding patterns work if you use their dough recipe instead of the store bought like I did. So next time I will try with their dough, and see how it goes from there. But for now, I am not impressed. If anyone has tips and tricks, I would appreciate it.

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