Blue Exorcist: Nature or Nurture?

It is a question of humanity if we are determined by our nature or by those who nurture us. If you ask a room full of people this question, you will get a variety of different answers. So how are we suppose to know?

An anime series (that was originally a manga) called Blue Exorcist brings this question into focus as the lead, Rin, and his brother discover that they are the sons of Satan. Satan hopes Rin will become his vessel and endanger the world. However, Rin has no memories of Satan despite inheriting his powers, the blue flames. All he remembers is being raised by his adopted father, who was a priest that exorcised demons and protected the world from danger. Rin has to choose between the nature given to him by Satan or the teachings of his adopted father to protect the world. He will go on numerous adventures, make enemies along with friends, and battle with this very question of nature vs. nurture. How do you think Rin’s nature or nurturing affect his destiny?

This amazing series can be found on multiple platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, and etc. Be immersed in the amazing storytelling and development as each episode unravels before you.

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