Raisin-Pecan Rye Bread: Nutty Sweet Slice

I love my bagel in the morning with cream cheese, but even I need to change up my morning routine sometimes. I did this by trying a new bread recipe for my morning treat that I discovered while flipping through old magazines that I had saved. The photos looked scrumptious and made me hungry for a slice. With my stomach’s agreement, I picked up the Raisin-Pecan Rye Bread recipe (which you can find here) and gave it a try. Just look at the photo on the left to see how my attempt went!

I would consider that a major success! I found The Raisin-Pecan Rye Bread from King Arthur Baking Company to be easy to make for any level of baker. All that it requires is a couple of special ingredients that may take some looking around to find and a dutch oven to cook in. Rye and Pumperknickle flours are not available at all of my local stores so I had to special order it from online. I also found that a dutch oven without the lid an easier method to cook in since this bread dough is super loose and explodes a lot. Online they suggested using a cake pan but my bread even out grew the recommended size cake pan. Also, plan ahead is recommended since it is a two day process.

I added the step of warming me nuts in the oven at 350 F for 15 minutes to bring out more of the nuts natural oils that enhance flavor. I just made sure that the nuts had cooled completely before adding it to the mix, where the recipe says to. I loved the subtle sweet and nutty flavor along with the complex hearty flavors lended to the bread by the mixture of flours. It reminded of the coming season of fall and the hearty meals we make during that time. My family gobbled this up with no problem, and we will be baking another loaf soon. So why not give it a try and tell me how it goes?

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