Langues de Chat: French Biscuits From British TV

If you are a fan of the Great British Baking Show like I am, then you have you and awed at all the technical recipes that are dropped onto the bakers. Recipes that you may have never seen or tried. One of these recipes, I decided to recreate as I wait for the latest release date from the newest season of Great British Baking Show. I decided to make Langues de Chat or Cat’s Tongues using the recipe from BBC that was on the show!

Ready for a long list of ingredients…?

JUST KIDDING! It is so easy and simple. It only requires 6 ingredients, which I am sure you already have, and some prep work. These tasty biscuits/cookies were the perfect sweet treat. The buttery crisp texture made it perfect for a snack or dessert. I can see why they might be popular in Europe if they are that good! Just look at how mine came out!

Now the only notations I have in terms of recipe is that the American version of plain flour is all purpose and icing sugar is powdered sugar. Also, my cookies to more than 10 minutes in the oven so I would aim closer to 15 minutes. (Maybe that is just my oven…) It is important when it is close to being done in the oven to keep an eye on them as they go over quickly. You will be tempted to walk away but DON’T! Your biscuits will thank you.

So why not try to whip up this new cookie, I mean biscuit, recipe for your family and see what they think of your British/French baking skills? Maybe even prep for a GBBS watch party later this year?

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