Sweet Firefly Gourmet Ice Cream: A Sweet Treat To Beat The Heat

With the heat wave still prominent in Texas, ice cream is the best treat to beat the heat. I recently discovered a new sweet haven for ice cream thanks to a friend that introduced me to Sweet Firefly Gourmet Ice Cream.

Sweet Firefly is a local business in Richardson, Texas that produces some of the best ice cream and shaved ice. It is tucked into a cute little strip with a order bar. They have your standard favorites like vanilla and chocolate, but you can’t miss out on their unique flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate and Belt Line Berry. You can get in a cup or waffle cone. You can even get a pint to go to enjoy later, which never sounds like a bad idea.

I tried the peanut butter chocolate in a waffle cone while my friend got a scoop of sea salt caramel and birthday cake. We didn’t wait long to devour our melting delicacies on the wooden benches outside with the sun beating down. It was the sweet treat we were looking for. It satisfied our sweet tooth and has us craving to come back on another afternoon.

Therefore, if you need a sweet treat then stop by Sweet Firefly Gourmet Ice Cream?

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