The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write: Celebration of Life and Language

I have a love of poetry and the beauty of those who can play/manipulate language especially when it pulls at your heart strings. However, not all writers have this talent to celebrate the English language and speak to the inner being of the reader. If the writer can’t do this then their work will fall flat, and lifeless. So when a writer has the ability to do complete this challenge, it needs to be celebrated.

Gregory Orr is a writer that celebrates life and language in his poetry collection called The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write. Each of his poems have a sense of rhythm that is musical nature. Each line is filled to the brim with wisdom and insight into life’s trails that we find ourselves in. You can almost take each piece and visualize the story within the pages. I personally loved the poem called “Ode to Nothing” where Gregory explored the different meanings of nothing, implied human feelings of nothing, and the missing link nothing implies. It was beautiful, and playful in an intellectual manner. The music created from reading the poem allowed left you on the top of the crescendo and left me breathless.

So why not listen or read the wisdom and messages behind the life and language within The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write?

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