The Everything Creative Writing Book: Tackle Your Writing

Writing comes in many forms and many shapes. They can be long or they could be less than a full page. Sometimes we need help figuring out what project to venture into next when it comes to our writing. That is why I like The Everything Creative Writing Book by Carol Whiteley.

The Everything Creative Writing Book contains overviews of various writing forms such as the novel, poetry, or screenplay. However, she opens the book with an entire chapter on the writing process and the difficulties of starting your role as a writer. She divides the book in a logical manner that covers the various writing formats then transitioning to inspiration, planning, and research. She even takes out several chapters to include notations on editing, evaluating, and collaborating on writing projects. Each page is filled to the brim with helpful tips and tricks for any writer to be aware of. She isn’t afraid to start with the basic of all basic elements of writing before building upon context. It really is from A to Z on creative writing. Also, she took time separating key tips from the main passages with colored text boxes and catchy graphics to stand out more.

I would call this book the starter book to any new writers looking for guidance and ideas. Maybe even old writers can learn a new thing or two. How about a try at a new writing style? The possibilities are endless as long as you use The Everything Creative Writing Book as your guide.

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