The Seven Deadly Sins: Adventure Starts Here!

Sometimes we need a story that will take us far away from the mundane world. A story that breathes magic and submerges into your pores. Netflix recently has tried their hand at anime and have created a story that does just this. The adventure anime is called The Seven Deadly Sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins was originally a manga that was popular before Netflix created the anime series. The tale begins with third princess, Elizabeth, decides to take action and begin a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins, a disbanded group of knights that only exist in rumors, in order enlist their help in taking back the kingdom from the Holy Knights that have taken over the kingdom. Will Elizabeth succeed in her mission to save her father and the kingdom? Will the disgraced knights help the kingdom once again? Who is truly the bad guys here? ‘Cause nothing is what it seems.

The story is filled with so many twist and turns that you will be entertained every second. You will cheer for the victories. You will cry for the heartbreaking moments. Once you reach the end of the latest season on Netflix, you will be begging for another season to be released soon. So sit back and go on an adventure with the Seven Deadly Sins.

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