Complete Guide to Being a Writer: Guide to the Writing Profession

What does it take to write? That is question that many prospective writers think about before diving into writing as a career. The many questions for those looking into the career of a writer can be overwhelming. So how are they suppose to answer these questions? I have the answer in a book I recently discovered.

I came across the answer while perusing my library in the little gem called The Poets & Writers Complete Guide to Being a Writer. The book is highly informative and speaks to a high level of understanding of the field. It is jam packed with the latest industry information along with action items that can help prospective writers figure out what they need to do next. I loved the tips on inspirations, literary conventions, and writing retreats. They made the tips perfect for every income level and type of writing style.

I ended up sharing this book with my writing group, and many found the book helpful in figuring out career wise what to do next. I am a writer in my free time. This isn’t my career. It is purely for my pleasure, and haven’t figured out what writing project I am going to undertake next. However, I do admit it was good to know all this information about the industry. I may one day re-reference this book if I need help expanding my writing or going pro. So if you are curious or need questions answered about being a writer then pick up The Poets & Writers Complete Guide to Being a Writer.

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