Fruits Basket: Nostalgia Comeback

The other day, I had a wave of nostalgia hit me. It was while I was scrolling through the web looking for a new anime that I stumbled onto an old friend. An old friend that was a manga I read during my middle school years, and was making its reappearance again.

One of the first mangas I ever read was Fruits Basket. It is about a girl, Tohru Honda, that discovers the secret of the Sohma clan while accidentally setting up camp on the clan’s property. Despite sharing no blood relation with the girl, the clan agrees to take her in. Now, she will have to help keep the clan secret and assist the clan in hiding in plain sight. She just has to hope that she can find a way to help the people who she cares about in the clan or at the very least make it through school.

I loved the unique storyline along with the beautiful strips of artwork.I would anxiously await the next release of the book. My friends and I would often share the books among ourselves since our allowance only allowed each of us to buy one. We all had our favorite characters in the series and various reasons for liking them. It has been years since the last book was released, and I thought the fandom would be those of us that grew up with the manga. Then recently, I found the stirrings of the fan group making momentum again.

The beloved manga, Fruits Basket, is being revitalized in a new anime series that focuses on the same favorite story just artistically updated. This is in part thanks to Funimation’s effort. (Thanks guys!) This has allowed new people that are younger than the older fans to join in the excitement. It also allows older fans to reminisce over the days they spent reading the story while growing up. I can’t help but wonder who else has grown up with the mangas of Fruits Basket or was introduced to the story via the anime. It was nice to see the world loving a nostalgic piece that I was a fan of being popular once again.

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