Guide to Finding YOUR Groomer

Finding a groomer that you trust with your dog is like finding your hairdresser. You go to a very specific person at a very specific salon, because you know and trust them. If your dresser ever changes salons, you will take your business with them elsewhere. I personally have been going to the same hairdresser for 20 years, because I trust her explicitly. Part of this has to do with the horror stories of bad haircuts for humans and dogs alike that appear on the internet. No one wants to live with a bad haircut if they don’t have to so you search and search for the right person.

It can be over welling. It can be confusing, and nerve wracking. You just want to find the one person to trust with your precious pet and can do the job. I never had to find a groomers until I got Belle. Poor puppy doesn’t shed, so she was stuck in her thick winter coat in the heat wave of summer unless she gets a shave down pronto. I spent weeks looking for the best groomers to take her to until I felt comfortable leaving her with the staff of the groomers. Now, to help other pup parents find a groomer I created this guide, because I don’t want you spending weeks trying to find someone when your pup needs a cut.

1.Identify the type of groomer you want.

This may sound like an odd thing, but there are a ton of groomers out there. Some can come to your home in a mobile grooming van. Some have a stand alone grooming salon. Others are inside your local pet store. The mobile is great if you are super busy and your dog is more of a nervous nelly. The grooming salon either in store or stand alone is perfect if you want a specific groomer and friendly face every time. Figure out what works for your personality and your dog’s lifestyle.

2. Google your options.

Next is to scour the web to see what salons are out there. You never know where one could be until you ask around. While you discovering what your options are, you can easily see the pricing of services, reviews, and hours. All important things when making your decision.

3. Ask friends and family.

Sometimes, your friends and family have a reliable person they personally take their dog to or know which salons to avoid. If they are extremely happy with their person, more than likely you would be happy with them too. (Also, you can get a referral discount if you mention the person who recommend the groomers.)

4. Prep Time

I think of this as warm up for your dog being taken care of by strangers. I go in before making an appointment to walk the dog around the store, and treat her to get her comfortable. I even give the staff some treats to give her. Friendly places have no problems with this, and will even answer your questions about their services while you are there. This maybe harder with a mobile groomers, but when you do the first meet and greet with your dog have them spend time getting the dog used to them. I also do some training at home by using simple exercises to get the dog used to nails being clipped and teeth brushed.

5. Schedule an appointment!

By now, you should know which groomers you like best. You have all your worries settled and your dog is ready for others to handle them. Just make an appointment for the groomers within their system and prep for your grooming. Continue grooming exercises at home, and day of appointment bring some treats to make the experience more enjoyable for your dog. You have done everything in the first steps of the guide so you should have no problems from now on!

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