In/Spectre: Guiding Spirits on The Living

Want a show that isn’t cutesy? A show that has elements of suspense, supernatural, and so much more? Then might I suggest In/Spectre. It is an anime series I recently watched and liked very much. What is this anime series about? Here is the quick version:

Supernatural beings are on the lose and need help figuring out the complex world of the living. Who will the supernatural beings turn to? How about a human girl (Iwanaga) with the power to see other beings? She will answer their calls for help while dragging her reluctant co-hort that strikes fear in the spirits. It is fun to watch this suspenseful show, where the lines between fact and fiction are blurred. The living and the spirits confuse each other in so many ways. Iwanaga, the human goddess of wisdom, will have to unravel it all for them.

In/Spectre offered unique storyline with original characters. The main female lead was allowed to be pushy and chase the guy. The male lead was able to have his own issues. They were flawed characters that jumped off the screen. However my one contraction is outside the main storyline in solving the mysteries of the human world for spirits, the side story was not fully developed and felt rushed. Relationships come and go. Forgiveness is but given in an instant. The depth could have been added to. This would have made the show perfect.

I hope the second season is released soon, because I unfortunately have finished the first season in a week. If you need a new anime to fan over, this very well could be what you are looking for.

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